Welcome to ForensicTrader.com, a web site that utilizes next generation analytics to locate stocks displaying significant volatility short-term.

Our strength  is data extraction coupled to statistical measures  to find patterns that we believe a  day trader  can exploit.   Because of the
globalization of electronic stock markets,  more participants are competing against the spread.  High frequency traders (HFT) which are basically
computers that execute trades based on algorithmic programs are dominating the markets.  Stock traders  need every advantage to succeed
against such fast execution.   

Our goal is to provide equity traders with accurate and precise stock data that can be used to enhance their trading strategy!     

As our banner displays a microscope and the site is named Forensic Trader.com we look beneath a stock's price movement and capture
undercurrents not recognized by other screeners.  The stocks selected are displayed in an easy to read spreadsheet format that does not require
any additional software to view.   Subscribers are sent invitations nightly to access the data used for the following day's trading.   Connect to our
blog via the below link and read about the
smart grid buzz,  see our IRA picks,  try our interactive gadgets, and of course tell a friend.      

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What We Do
ForensicTrader.com does not recommend the buying or selling of any stock and emphasizes that day trading is an extremely risky endeavor.  Our methods are theoretic and
are based on stock market data derived from sources that we believe to be accurate.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  Dissemination of our products is
strictly prohibited.  Delays resulting from unforeseen network outages, e-mail changes and fee collections without timely notification of the forensictrader.com administrative
staff may impact distribution of subscription
Queens, NY 11368
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ForensicTrader.com provides day traders with accurate
and precise stock data that can be used to enhance their
trading strategy.  We do not claim to have a 100%
accurate solution to a stock trader's profitability because
until a trade is entered an outcome cannot be known.   Our
strength  is  identifying stocks whose trading patterns
suggest continued volatility.

These stocks are published daily for subscribers in a
feature called the Trader's Digest.  The spreadsheet  will
consist of stocks that had significant price movement for
the trading period listed.  Our method of selecting stocks is
derived from our proprietary feature called the Forensic
Trader Radar (FTR),   a tool  that enables short term
pattern recognition.  The spreadsheet is simple and easy
to read and displays stocks whose volatility is expected to
continue in the short term.  No additional software
requirements are needed to view our data.   Comparing
the data nightly will begin to reveal pattens of above range
Subscribers to our services will  have
access to additional data that emphasizes preparation
and risk management that can potentially increase a
day trader's chances for success.

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How it Works!!!
To subscribe to the Basic or Premium subscription services, click on the appropriate subscription button located under the service level you are
selecting.  Clicking subscribe will open a new window on the Pay Pal web site where you will complete the sign up process.  Once the secure
and private transaction is completed you will be navigated back to this page.  A receipt of your purchase will  be e-mailed to you.  You may log
into your account at
www.paypal.com/us to view details of the transaction.  Additionally, an e-mail will be sent to stockdata@forensictrader.com
from Pay Pal alerting us which subscription level was chosen and your e-mail address.   Your e-mail address will be added to the
corresponding Google spreadsheet viewer module.  An invitation is sent via e-mail each night based on the below schedule to access the data.

Subscribers to our premium service will receive the all important
support and resistance calculations  in addition to other statistical
information such as Money flow index,  Daily Range, and Daily Range Average.  Subscribers are notified nightly, via e-mail when the data is
ready based on the schedule listed below. Give it try,  click on the following link to see an example of how paid subscribers will access data.


The Basic Subscription e-mail will be sent no later than 11:00pm eastern standard time advising subscribers that the Basic Subscription
Service (BSS) is available for access.   

For example: the NASDAQ market closes at 4:00pm on 10/22/2009, the Google spreadsheet document is available by 11:00pm 10/22/2009.  
Weekend access for the data as of close of trading the previous Friday will be available on Sunday by 10:00pm eastern standard time.  

Premium Subscription e-mails will be  sent no later than 9:00pm eastern standard time advising subscribers that the premium  
subscription service is available for viewing.  The Google spreadsheet will include the enhanced features as described under the premium
subscription category.    

For example: the NASDAQ market closes at 4:00pm on 10/22/2009, the Google PSS  document with enhanced features will be available for
access by 9:00pm eastern standard time on 10/22/2009.  Market data will be available on Saturday by 6PM eastern standard time for  close of
trading Friday.

Please use the  optional form located on the
contact us page if you have any questions or comments.

ForensicTrader.com anticipates that subscription services will be available before the time frames listed but have outlined worse case
scenarios to avoid misrepresentation.    Notification of cancellations
must be received prior to the beginning of the next month to prevent your
account from being automatically  billed.

The services we provide are :

Complete NASDAQ Equities market screening

Proprietary Forensic Trader Radar volatility screener

Data offered in an easy to read Google spreadsheet format

Data Mining

Niche market specialization

Monthly  subscription plans offered

Free seven (7) day trial of the Basic subscription plan (BSS)

Free consultations

Proprietary support and resistance calculations

Sign up using a private and secure Pay Pal interface

Customized reports are available based on feasibility

No need for Excel to open web based Trader's Daily

Market observations at http://forensictrader.blogspot.com

Please visit our services page for more details about our next generation
screening tool called the Forensic Trader Radar (FTR).   


Company Name Symbol Closing Price 12/8/09 % Price Chg Volume Vol Ave 2 Day Outstanding Shares (M) Industry Money Flow Index (MFI) Exchange
BE Aerospace, Inc. BEAV 22.21 -4.80% 1,941,682 1,526,100 101.1 Aerospace & Defense 64.37 NASDAQ
China Automotive Systems, Inc. CAAS 20.62 5.96% 1,347,666 1,425,100 27 Auto & Truck Parts 60.99 NASDAQ
NutriSystem Inc. NTRI 29.06 2.98% 2,807,148 3,002,900 30.9 Personal Services 88.12 NASDAQ
Pan American Silver Corp. (USA) PAAS 24.69 -2.76% 1,640,883 1,945,500 87.2 Gold & Silver 42.44 NASDAQ
RINO International Corporation RINO 28.34 -1.80% 1,115,247 1,336,100 25.4 Waste Management Services 40.76 NASDAQ
Veeco Instruments Inc. VECO 31.35 5.52% 2,293,855 1,630,800 32.8 Semiconductors 78.6 NASDAQ
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Excerpts from our  blog.     Can be read in entirety by clicking on the below links.  

December 2, 2007 -  E = G

"As I contemplate what to write about this blustery winter morning it is becoming increasing clear that blogging is not as easy as one thinks,
particularly if the blog’s content is original material. Since my blog is directed at the investment community what does it take for an upstart like me to
get gstablished when competition for that niche market is gnormous? I could reformulate gxisting gvents that I consider politically polarizing and
gconomically impacting to the daily stock market trend like other publishers. Certainly that was not a dig at other publishers because the news has
to occur before thought is given and human nature is to draw an opinion after the gvent. Yeah, that would definitely resolve my writers block but it
would not set me apart from the myriad of more recognized sources. So I pause for a moment and meditate, feeling the surge of ideas building, a

As usual, I am attempting to keep my material original and unique at the risk of not being found by search engines because of misspelled words.
Such is life because the domain registration for gfficiency, gfile, gtracker, etc., are all gone but are not real words today. Hmmm.

January 8, 2008 - Investing for the Future (Smart Grid Buzz)  


"several years ago in an online chat forum I wrote that Google has the ability to recognize a trend before the trend has fully developed. Google at
that time with several others invested $100,000,000 into a privately owned smart grid company called Current Technologies. IBM is working with
CenterPoint Energy to create a smart grid. Cree, Itron and Echelon are other companies worth mentioning. Flying way under the radar at .041 cents
a share and buried in the over the counter bulletin board (OTCBB) land of lagers is Ambient Corp. Ambient Corp. is working with Con Edison, Duke
Energy, First Energy, Entergy and a recently ended trial with San Diego Gas & Electric on smart grid technologies. I have often wondered why would
behemoths utilities work with a company that does not have the resources to expand."  Hmmm.   
Ticker symbol =  ABTG.OB                                       
Through the education offered by Better Trades , you will be able to produce income through buying and selling options .