About Us
ForensicTrader.com is a privately owned and operated company that started out as a blog called Forensic Trader RadarSimply by the
numbers.  During the blogging phase we provided observations based on recent news and stock market events.  Of course we are partial
but we definitely recommend you visit
forensictrader.blogspot.com to view the blog's postings and to get a feel of the products we have
been generating.  Our second phase is the creation of this site dedicated to short-term stock data analysis.    As our popularity increases
we will add other exciting features to our product line such as real time alerts for Elite subscribers.  Thank you for your continued support.
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A plethora of content exist that are excellent sources for stock market data.   Many teach trading techniques and stress charting as the
main tool for determining an entry and exit points.  We also believe in such methods but what sets us apart is the Forensic Trader Radar
(FTR).  T
he FTR considers the equities market  a giant ledger that requires balancing each night.  We locate the market out of
balances otherwise known as inefficiencies at the close of trading day.
After locating the stocks that match our criteria we determine the
and resistance   indicators through a proprietary process that we have coined Forensic Trader - Simply by the numbers.  We do
not tell a trader when to trade or how to trade, we leave that to other content providers.     

What sets ForensicTrader.com apart from the other day trading web sites is its ability to sense undercurrents before a trend has
developed.  Its sensors are tuned to detect leading stock trading signals that enable market participants to develop a plan while stressing

Because of the globalization of electronic stock markets more participants are competing against the tape.  High frequency traders (HFT)
which are basically computers that execute trades based on algorithmic programs are dominating the markets.  Equity  traders need every
advantage to succeed against such fast execution.    

Our mission is to provide insightful data from the perspective of an dynamic accounting ledger where an out of balance scenario is
believed to be a lead indicator into volatility.  It is our opinion that day traders armed with leading data are more inclined to develop a
successful strategy that includes planning and risk management.  Our free feature called the  Day Trading Edge allow  visitors to our site
to compare the daily market action versus our list.  However our proprietary analysis on the stocks displayed is available by signing up for
subscription services .   Our premium subscription service will become a valuable tool in your quest to become a master day trader.  

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the spreadsheet.   The stocks selected are expected to continue trading above their Daily Trading
Average.   Preparing to trade by positioning your trade
(s) around our support and resistance calculations, available as part of  the premium
will prove beneficial for the stock traders whose strategy emphasizes discipline approach.
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ForensicTrader.com versus the competition
ForensicTrader.com does not recommend the buying or selling of any stock and emphasizes that day trading is an extremely risky endeavor.  Our methods are
theoretic and are based on stock market data derived from sources that we believe to be accurate.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  
Dissemination of our products is strictly prohibited.  Delays resulting from unforeseen network outages, e-mail changes and fee collections without timely
notification of the forensictrader.com  administrative staff may impact distribution of subscription
Queens, NY 11368
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