All services are available for monthly subscription periods and  are accessible via the web in an easy to read Google
spreadsheet document format. Our target audiences are short term investors, day traders, stock traders, active traders and stock market
participants who share our passion for stock market data. Using our proprietary Forensic Trader Radar we analyze NASDAQ traded stocks
based on closing data whose undercurrents appear volatile. There are two (2) levels of subscription services to chose from. They are Basic and
Premium.  Currently, we extract stocks trading in the $20 - $45 range.   We narrow the stocks selected by focusing on volume greater than
1,000,000 shares traded each day plus other proprietary methods are incorporated into our selection process.   All users will have access to our
blog via the   link where market observations are published periodically.      

Please see the sign up fee matrix below and continue scrolling down for a detailed outline of each subscription level. Feel free to send us an
e-mail with any questions you may have or simply click on the Contact us link and submit a comment.
The basic subscription service will capture and display NASDAQ traded stocks that exhibited significant intra-day volatility and liquidity.  We
extract the stocks that have been statistically identified as having the potential to continue a sizeable price movement that a  day trader can
exploit.  Verified subscribers will be
e-mailed an invitation to view the data using your e-mail address for access.  The stocks selected will be
based on the price criteria of
$20 - $45 and Volume greater than or equal to 1,000,000 shares traded.  Additionally, the Google document
spreadsheet will be formatted to display column headers such as
Symbol, Description, Last Price, % Price Change, Volume, Volume
Average 2 day, Outstanding Shares (m),  and Industry
.    An example of the data can be viewed by clicking on the below link.

BSS Price  -  $59.95
Queens, NY 11368 Subscription Sign Up Fees
Queens, NY 11368
To subscribe to the Basic or Premium subscription services, click on the appropriate subscribe button located under the service level you are
selecting.  Clicking subscribe will open a new window on the Pay Pal web site where you will complete the sign up process.  Once the
secure and private transaction is completed you will be navigated back to this page.  An e-mail receipt of your purchase will  be e-mailed to
you.  You may log into your account at to view details of the transaction.  Additionally, an e-mail will be sent to from Pay Pal alerting us which subscription level was chosen and your e-mail address.   Your e-mail address
will be added to the corresponding Google viewer module and an invitation e-mail will be sent each time the document has been updated
based on the below schedule. **

Basic Subscription e-mail will be sent no later than 11:00pm eastern standard time advising subscribers that the Basic Subscription
Service (BSS) is available for access.   

For example: the NASDAQ market closes at 4:00pm on 10/22/2009, the Google BS document is available by 11:00pm 10/22/2009.  Weekend
links for the data as of close of trading the previous Friday will be available on Sunday by 10:00pm eastern standard time.  

Premium Subscription e-mails will be  sent no later than 9:00pm eastern standard time advising subscribers that the premium  
subscription service is available for access.  The Google spreadsheet will include the enhanced features as described under the premium
subscription category.    

For example: the NASDAQ market closes at 4:00pm on 10/22/2009, the Google PS  document with enhanced features will be available for
access 9:00pm eastern standard time on 10/22/2009.  Weekend links for the data be sent on Saturday by 6:00pm eastern standard time for
the data as of close of trading the previous Friday.

Please use the  optional form located on the
contact us page if you have any questions or comments. anticipates that subscription services will be available before the time frames listed but have outlined worse case
scenarios to avoid misrepresentation.    Notification of cancellations
must be received prior to the beginning of the next month to prevent
your account from being automatically  billed.
The premium subscription service will include all data and the columns provided by basic subscription service however the stocks selected
will be based on an expanded price criteria of
$14 - $45.   Additionally, the premium service will include columns that display data such as  
Previous Close,  Open, Volume Average 1 Month, Today’s Range,  Daily Range Average, and  Float (k).  

Each night
two (2) stocks will be selected and their Support and Resistance (S&R) price ranges will be published under separate  columns
Support and Resistance.  The S&R data allows day traders to prepare by  waiting for specific conditions to occur  prior to entering the
trade.  A prepared trader using our data maintains discipline, is not inclined  to knee jerk, thus increasing their chances for success.  
Because each stock's S&R is individually calculated factoring different data points, must consider the time and effort in
the equation to produce.   Verified subscribers will be
e-mailed an invitation to view the data using your e-mail address for  access.   

PSS Price  -  $95.95
Our Consulting Division can generate Support and Resistance calculations for up ten (10) stocks each night based on the criteria we
currently use.  Depending on the scope of the request, will factor the time and effort required to produce and bill
accordingly.   Please e-mail  with any questions regarding customization or visit our contact us page and
complete the request information form.   
Subscription Fee**
Basic Subscription
Premium Subscription
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Basic Subscription Service (BSS)
Consultant Division
Premium Subscription Service (PSS)
Subscription Details
Disclaimer does not recommend the buying or selling of any stock and emphasizes that day trading is an extremely risky endeavor.  Our methods are
theoretic and are based on stock market data derived from sources that we believe to be accurate.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  
Dissemination of our products is strictly prohibited.  Delays resulting from unforeseen network outages, e-mail changes and fee collections without timely
notification of the  administrative staff may impact distribution of subscription
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** Subscription sign up processing is completed using a secure and private
PAY PAL interface.  Click on the orange subscribe button below the BSS or
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